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book covers | 2010

alternate cover for sonnets to orpheus

these designs were made as alternate covers to several books, namely ‘fun home’ (alison bechdel), ‘sonnets to orpheus’ (rainier maria rilke / trans. edward snow), and ‘from hell’ (alan moore / ill. eddie campbell). orpheus was best known for his descent into the underworld in search of eurydice, thus the title is suspended on the plane of the earth, between the under- and overworlds. ‘from hell’ is a story focusing on the jack the ripper murders of the 19th century. i tried to approach the cover with the same evocative mood and bold strokes that are present in the book. ‘fun home’ tells the story of a young woman’s self-realization and re-examination of her relationship with her family, using her own house partially as a metaphor–the cover is quite literal. some of the techniques used may be of interest. the cover for from hell was made from a series of ultra-low ISO, long exposure RAW photos, adjusted for white balance and filtered after import. sonnets to orpheus was made using the classic darkroom technique of the photogram (made from real earth and grass as well as gauze for the clouds).