| ethan feuer // architecture | design | illustration | animation

interpretive music center houston | 2008

this design responds to the convergence of two criteria: complex, overlapping programs and a rich urban infill site.  the massing diagram represents a dialog with both its immediate context and the greater houston area.  the design blends with the characteristic scale and modesty of the neighborhood while adaptiing its architectural language to a cleaner, more modern realization. the project also contains several community-driven programs, such as releasing part of the site to a pocket park / garden.  by freeing portions of the site to these public programs, the project also allows itself the articulation of three facades, despite its infill condition.

the design also reflects a certain fascination with blending and layering programs, containing moveable partitions, “sitting stairs”, and circulation spaces that are generous enough to be suitable for social gatherings.  the section extends the effect of layering by dividing the floorplates into a series of half-stories and mezzanines punctured by lightwells, creating a wealth of internal views. the materiality is mostly concerned with variations on sitecast concrete [degree of polishing, formwork, and aggregate types], though painted aluminum is a critical addition to the palette.