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162: tumblr, chicken coops, comics________13 February, 2015

i wanted to call this post the GIF that keeps on GIFing, but i’m waiting to upload mah GIF and also trying to keep to more informational post titles lately. what is new? things!

  • i have a tumblr now. go check it out! it’s mostly street photography, something that i anticipate getting back into more after this bitter freaking winter has run its course. it is hard to shoot when the blood in your fingers is frozen solid. you will then be like ACK
  • i was in the NEW YERK TAHMS (a little). mainly aro was in the new york times! for its splendid chicken coop in the hamptons! here we are doing LGBT synagogues, beautiful stadiums, schools, and park facilities and da newz is all like, “hey, i heard you did a chicken coop. tell me about how lucky & spoilt those hens will be in dem cushy hamptons?” and then all the commenters become completely rage-tastic, ejaculating vitriol such as, “hey, that’s not how we gave chickens life supporting shelter and care growing up in the upper west side — i mean maine!”
  • i’m working on a new comic! it’s called MEAT. it was specifically intended for the newly-minted okey panky (zine?), but they abruptly (and prematurely) closed their submissions, so now it will have to find another home (probably). anyway, see title pg + page one embedded below. check back soon for more! till then, be well.

104: summilux________25 May, 2012

yeah, it’s distracting me from writing. yeah, a leitz purist probably wouldn’t call it legit. but the summilux dg is a pretty solid way for me to enter the m.4/3 lens system. it’s sharp as a tack (tied for first with the ever-so-heavy fd 135 / 2.5) and snappy with the AF(on the om-d, anyway). and while i might tend toward the 35mm end of the standard lens spectrum, fifty feels pretty good after two years of slow zooms and 100mm equivalents. and speaking of slow zooms, a fast one has finally emerged–for the “bargain” price of $1200-1300. yeah, no.

as for stuff you “normal” (read: non-photophile) people might be interested in … tribeca has come to liminal, it’s fleet week in new york ci-tay, i went to ICFF last weekend and i’ll be visiting the folks and the dog this’un, cousin’s doing the bebe-having, and i’m perhaps 25% through metabolism draft three (it’s current, and more relevant name, is spade and harrier, by the by). at least i’m not rewriting it from scratch. that means i’m making progress … right?

25mm 1.4 summilux dg sample pics (e-pl1 body), including a 100% crop shot:

oh, and not to be uncouth (or to break my near-religious disinterest in sports), but … suck it up big money, big city, big ego nyr, you just got crushed by a team with heart.

websites are like constantinople________30 May, 2011

websites are like istanbul: destroyed, rebuilt, destroyed, rebuilt, name change! (built up, fall down, destroyed.)

please bear with us (me) during technical difficulties.

kamera infografik________19 April, 2011

also, i made this camera infographic awhile ago (back when i had free time).  it’s supposed to make it easier to understand what variable influences what on a camera, but (like so many infographics) it may just make things prettier rather than more comprehensible.  pay special attention to the footnotes (since they’re so informative).

click the image to enlarge!