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153: snowbound: fl + kennedy space center________2 January, 2014

first time in awhile i’ve seen it get down in the neighborhood of -3F in these here mid-atlantic states! and to think i was just down in sunny FL, land of orange halves and sea shells. welp, guess i gotta approve of any state what’s got somethin’ called a panhandle.

so what else? lots new to share. let’s start with some photos:

some are from the kennedy space center, which despite resembling nothing so much a space disney, cannot disguise its innate coolness. you can’t completely un-cool (warm up?) a saturn V rocket or the sixth biggest building in the world (which kind of resembles a nasa-branded borg cube) or an 8.5 million-pound mobile launch platform which drives around rockets at 1mph on giant tractor-crawler treads. worth checking out. jes sayin.

also, happy new year! probably the best thing i’ve done with a new year’s eve in quite awhile. thanks, pratt!