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ysoa n gsd n cooper makes three!________22 October, 2011

…but seriously.

an exciting [portfolio] event!________16 April, 2011

well, ladies and gents, it’s a very exciting moment.  school’s out–forever! i’ll definitely miss my friends of–can you believe it?–six years.  they’ve taught me a lot and i’ll be sad not to see them every day.  i hope we’ll all keep in touch.  we had our final, ah, final review on thursday (and again on friday as one juror was a bit day late).  compared to the rest of the reviews i’ve had this semester, it went pretty well.  our jurors were also excellent–particularly incisive was the commentary of two principals of the paris-local firm kilo, linna choi and tarik oualalou.  they presented that wonderfully elusive admixture of criticality, humor, and optimism that can really carry a jury.  their work is also pretty exciting, so check it out! and of course, with the last day of school (ostensibly forever) comes the terrifying moment of the search for work.  i’m looking at a few firms in europe already, but the states are hardly out of the question.  perhaps more excitingly, i’ve finished work on my brand-spankin’ new barch graduate portfolio!  i hope you enjoy and (as i haven’t printed yet), any comments (positive or otherwise) are extremely welcome.  just shoot me an email.  in the meantime, i’ll be tuning up the work section of the site a bit to ready it for this new addition. next up before a triumphant (though possibly temporary) return to the us of a? an ecstatically exciting trip to amsterdam, copenhagen, oslo, bergen, and (potentially) belfast, delft, goteborg, rotterdam and a few other places.  everybody wish me luck! (…mostly in retrieving my eurail pass from DHL at this point)

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pre/post expounding/expanding________8 September, 2010

i am greatly in need of reading segments of writing by robert venturi (of learning from las vegas fame), so will get straight to the point and say that this is a piece of work from the summer past at RISD.  it’s a logotype (that is to say a symbol which uses type) created (after the fact, obviously) for the release of adrian frutiger’s 1960s/70s typeface frutiger (still used for a great deal of signage in france and switzerland).  more later!

a logotype for frutiger

four tet: the hypothetical concert________15 August, 2010

as previously mentioned, i’m a huge four tet / kieran hebden fan.  i was pretty sad when i missed him at le poisson rouge last year (since he doesn’t seem to come to the us of a that often).  anyway, point is, i designed a couple of posters promoting theoretical concerts of his at RISD.  i already put up the second one, but i thought i’d also upload the first one.  we were asked to work only with type and “graphic elements” (i.e. no imagery) and in greyscale.  so that was a good challenge.  in his own literature, kieran hebden has a lot of very clean, geometric design, so i was trying to access that with these designs.  in other news, gearing up for the drive south.  soon, so long.  i hope all of you are out there doing great, keeping busy and happy and healthy.

ps: requiescat in pace, kyrsta-cat.