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d8311 bench________21 November, 2011

say hello to d8311, a gallery bench made from laminated cherry and stainless steel.  unbuilt.

d8311 gallery bench // rendering 02 // design (c) ethan feuer 2011

d8311 gallery bench // axonometric // design (c) ethan feuer 2011

d8311 gallery bench // rendering 01 // design (c) ethan feuer 2011

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sleigh bells rill________8 December, 2010

rill rill!  have you heard sleigh bells?  it’s a sort of noise pop group from brooklyn.  apparently they met in a brazilian restaurant. they’ll hurt your ears, but in a good way.  in other news, another glorious charrette has come and gone.  a lot of things were different in the school this semester and while they were mostly good, there were some bumps along the road as well.  the work was really impressive, though–from all the studios.  most of our critics were internal, but we did have a fair number of visitors (including derek dellekamp, francois blanciak, scott ziegler, kevin alter, chris cornecelli, etc al).  the criticism was of a different type, perhaps, than in years past.  but as rudyard kipling would say, “that is a tale for another day”.

my project, finally completed, tried to give shape to a sort of figure-field thesis.  the studio focused on the development of a “void type”–and organizing typology that used negative space to produce urban, esthetic, sociological, or other effects.  i tried to take a somewhat more conceptual approach to this, maintaining a certain distance from urban arguments–often so hard to formulate plausibly.  the underlying thesis of the project was to read the void against something else, rather than as an isolate monumental form of its own.  as such, a void and a mass “figure” were each placed in contradistinction to the other.  each form would operate on its “doppelganger”, sometimes truncating form and extending empty space (or the reverse).  i tried to carry this conceptual ethos down through the scales of the project (detailing, interiors, etc), but found a certain limitation to the depth of this study in the timeframe of the project.  the governing factor of the envelope became the maintenance of a tight, taut skin with virtually no surface relief for fenestration or material changes–all to emphasize the carefully-derived massing.  i hope you enjoy some of the more scenic images from the project–i may pass, at least for now, on including the drier, more technical diagrams. final model photos soon to come.

lavalier earbuds that lilt as they cant________24 October, 2010

well, mid-semester review has come and going to go tomorrow.  along with a french test. we’ve just been learning the futur proche, as in:

“je vais à l’échec mon examen de demain.”

we’ve also been learning reflexive verbs, but i’m not going to fail myself.  someone else will be doing that to me.  anyways, my whole body hurts and like that because i’ve been working all the time all the time.  i’ve also been listening to shearwater’s apocalyptic album “rook”.  it’s very good and may have mitigate the effects of this pseudo-charrette on mon corps.  the band was formed by two members of okkervil river (who are no longer in the band, think).  it’s kind of like muse transposed down into a tolerable register and done twice as well with more interesting material and less annoying instrumentation.  very sing-able.  lots of things about birds and the end of days.

the studio i’m currently in is taught by mark wamble of interloop architecture.  it’s called “groundwork for a void type”; the concept being something to the effect of creating a new architectural typology to negotiate a prospective increase in density along houston’s bissonnet corridor.  so we’re exploring technical and conceptual definitions of the void in tandem with the history of “typology” as discourse in architecture (colin rowe, anthony vidler, and their distant and not-so-distant predecessors all the way back to laugier).  my project has the working title of ghost block.  the idea is pretty simple: two interlocking and overlapping figures, one void and one mass.  the idea is to bring the reading of the building’s volume and elevations very close to the figure-field phenomenon (you know, is it a lady or a fat gentlemen with a poodle etc?).  so yes, i will put up some photos of the model or something, but in the meantime here’s a rendering.  and please be kind and remember that my project is only a mess because this is a mid-review.  right?  okay.  yeah.  miss y’all–

design for groundwork for a void-type, mid-review rice university architecture

organic rendering (mudbox / zbrush)________6 September, 2009

exciting as charrette may be, even us dedicated students need a break (<—sarcasm has been inserted for your delight). (of course, it’s not clear to me or anyone else whether i’m being sarcastic about dedication or about breaks.) (or whether it’s grammatically permissible to have a series of sentences largely composed of parenthetical asides.) we won’t worry about that. the point of the break idea was to say that i’ve been playing with some more sculptural 3d modeling software–autodesk’s recently-acquired mudbox. of course “recently acquired by autodesk” describes about two thirds of high-end software even vaguely pertinent to my profession. but i’m not complaining! they do produce excellent products. in any case, i’ve been trying out mudbox and it’s kind of creepy how much fun it’s been. after modeling, i tried rendering it (below left) as a highly subdivided poly and (below right) as a texture-baked displacement map (see map below the two).
each of the first two images is through an ambient occlusion rendering and was much grainier at higher resolution(s). the bottom one is with standard materials and some interesting lighting; i think it was probably the most successful so far. texture-baking was new to me, though, so we’ll have to see what develops.
charrette is upon me and i cower in a corner like a small cat having escaped the raging torrents of the mississippi only to notice that i left my (cat) brother in the river and must return to rescue him should i wish to keep my (catlike) pride. yes, it’s rather like that, i think.