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170: smokelong________31 August, 2016

holy moly! i have a new short-short story called “gun” published in smokelong quarterly! go an’ chekkit out, i guess? there will also be an interview going up sometime soon. i’ll post a link to that when it shows its purdy face.

edit: here is a link to the interview, conducted by the excellent dennis norris ii!

ethan feuer | smokelong quarterly | "gun"

158: eric garner protests in brooklyn, 2014________10 December, 2014

sometimes things come, too loud and too present to be ignored.


greatest respect for our ladies and gents in blue, but there is, undeniably, a problem here.

154: liminal updates | nyc photo series________20 January, 2014

new photos up on liminal!

of these, a fave / taste:


also, some statistics:

  • the 85 richest people in the world control as much wealth as the poorest 3,550,000,000. or, to put it another way, each one of them has the wealth of 42 million of  the world’s poorest people. (link)
  • 49% of black men 23 and under in the united states have been arrested. (cf. 44% of hispanics, 38% of whites — link)
  • the US is by far the world’s most heavily armed country (link), with 250-290,000,000 guns, or just about 1 gun for every man, woman, child, and baby. of those guns, approximately 4,000,000 (1.4%) are in the hands of the us military or law enforcement (link).

111: so much to say________1 October, 2012

it’s been a busy few weeks and there’s a lot to say and show (i’ll build on this entry shortly), but in the meantime, please enjoy my favorite news article of the past several weeks. and, you know, keep in mind that “all media, at least those you know like the BBC, CNN, etc., have had many goofs”.