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153: snowbound: fl + kennedy space center________2 January, 2014

first time in awhile i’ve seen it get down in the neighborhood of -3F in these here mid-atlantic states! and to think i was just down in sunny FL, land of orange halves and sea shells. welp, guess i gotta approve of any state what’s got somethin’ called a panhandle.

so what else? lots new to share. let’s start with some photos:

some are from the kennedy space center, which despite resembling nothing so much a space disney, cannot disguise its innate coolness. you can’t completely un-cool (warm up?) a saturn V rocket or the sixth biggest building in the world (which kind of resembles a nasa-branded borg cube) or an 8.5 million-pound mobile launch platform which drives around rockets at 1mph on giant tractor-crawler treads. worth checking out. jes sayin.

also, happy new year! probably the best thing i’ve done with a new year’s eve in quite awhile. thanks, pratt!

143: brittany haas / jordan tice / paul kowert________27 September, 2013

you know what i had forgotten that i really like? house concerts. and no, i don’t mean edm. i mean, concerts where you go to someone’s house, have a couple beers, meets some cool people,  and watch some amazingly talented musicians blow everyone’s mind. that’s basically what happened at the house of love concert last saturday night. (sidenote: a big congrats to house of love on its triumphant post-sandy return.)

turns out brooklyn has a really welcoming, really amazing, nascent bluegrass scene if you turn over the right rocks (or have the good fortune to know the right person).  in attendance were emily mure (opener) alongside brittany haas (fiddle) / paul kowert (bass) / jordan tice (guitar). the trio played a number of songs, mostly instrumental, mostly technically spectacular, and mostly traditionally melodic. though i don’t think there’s another show of theirs coming up just now, i can’t recommend them enough — especially in a setting like that.

video to follow when i get less lazy.

138: old is the new new________26 August, 2013

don’t you love that feeling you get when you’re searching through piles of old things and come on something really fun, or cool, or quirky, or sad? well, i’m transitioning between two computers just now and i happened to come across some of my old experiments with sound.  i remember the year when i moved off campus and lived in that garage apartment as being kind of a dark, extremely solitary time. but apparently some interesting stuff came out of it as well. take a listen…

7-21 hellspawned3

2-08 refrain2

7-21 glitch3

7-24 wail

no js bach, but fun to relive.

132: lucius and nothing much________2 July, 2013

these guys were one of the first acts that i saw in new york and i still don’t get sick of this song:

couldn’t really tell you how it makes me feel. also this:

nasa-houstonthanks, nasa.