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171: tin house, “the drop”________13 October, 2016

although the world is looking scary as ever, it’s been sunny in my corner of it recently. i am honored and ecstatic to have my new comic “the drop” featured on tin house open bar. in addition to being excellent karaoke singers, tin house is consistently to be found publishing some of the finest fiction in the world. if you aren’t reading their magazine, attending their conference, and/or checking their blog, yer missin out! read, share, and be merry.


161: new goofball character design / illustration________17 January, 2015

dunno what this guy’s name is, but apparently i know he has sticky feet. and a brain the size of a not-so-smart beagle. click to enlarge and see the nice, toothy digital watercolor paper. enjoi:

big, dumb, green, brand new character design |(c) ethan feuer

sometimes you just gotta draw stuff. working on a new story as well. fate: unknown!

157: you do not understand contemporary theory________16 November, 2014




156: what is up in pepsi maxland? a new comic!________8 August, 2014

hey all,

sorry it’s been seven and a half months since my last post! (a.k.a. 1.2  billion blog years.) i have just been so busy, you know? since we last spoke, i have traveled to several distant islands, approved and/or not approved a vast plethora of toilet partitions and accessories (okay, okay, there were some rebar drawings and steel shops too), written 50-70% of a wide array of stories, taken hundreds of photos that i have yet to fully edit, and other such momentous accomplishments. i am still kinda hustling pretty hard, yanno? the biggest piece of news for the nonce is that i have a new comic, titled “what is up in pepsi maxland?”, and published courtesy of the good folks at neutrons/protons! this is very exciting news because it is my very first published story, outside of university. so you should go check it out! it’s a feel-good romp.




i’m also hard at work at another story (a prose one) that i have high hopes will one day see the light of day. so keep yer eyes peeled. sometime soon, i also hope to upload photos from my recent and semi-recent travel destinations (montreal, iceland, scotland, etc). i will try to be more regular in my posts (famous last words), so hurry back (+ sorry again)!