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171: tin house, “the drop”________13 October, 2016

although the world is looking scary as ever, it’s been sunny in my corner of it recently. i am honored and ecstatic to have my new comic “the drop” featured on tin house open bar. in addition to being excellent karaoke singers, tin house is consistently to be found publishing some of the finest fiction in the world. if you aren’t reading their magazine, attending their conference, and/or checking their blog, yer missin out! read, share, and be merry.


168: the more i write________7 January, 2016

…not the more things stay the same. no, the more i write, the less i write here. funny how that is. i also seem to have become somewhat defanged of late vis-a-vis my insane contortions of english. now i am just being shy.

not much to say about virginny. it’s a pretty nice place to be this time of year, even with wimpy electric heat. been reading kelly link’s get in trouble and chimamanda ngozi adichie’s americanah. doing some research about pidgin languages and collapsing infrastructure models. did you know water towers are tall (at least in part) to allow plumbing to work without electricity? gravity! it makes your poop go away.

here’s something cool i drew awhile back that i don’t think i ever uploaded. all digital. neat-o!

ethan feuer foots character (c) 2016

166: long time coming (& minicomic!)________4 October, 2015

hey, wowzers, it’s been awhile since i’ve updated on here! of course, a lot has been happening … i’m just being awful about keeping up. i’ve moved, grad school, writing, etc. exciting! i’m sure more specifics will burgeon with time, but for now i will continue my course of perpetual brevity & silence and merely forestall you with a comic (click to enlarge):


165: new york city pizza reviews, pt. i________25 June, 2015

hey friends,

for those of you i haven’t annoyingly emailed, MEAT is now live. please go check it out at okey panky! and while you’re over there, read some of their other stuff — they gots some gooduns. please reblog or otherwise share if you can!

in other news, i have left new york. i am sorry if i didn’t get to say goodbye to you and also sorry if i did and now i have said goodbye and will not be seeing you again for awhile. they ain’t no such thing as a free lunch!

to lessen our collective pain, please accept some long, long overdue montreal photos: