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140: spade and harrier concept art | cass________8 September, 2013

…or at least no draw. but everything’s set up now (!). at least everything that i’m going to set up (other people may well still be in the middle of things, yanno?) and it’s exciting! i’m trying out a lot of new means and methods for digital drawing, and i think i may have settled on a style i kinda like. i suppose the real world equivalent would be watercolor over pencils (and the look is fairly faithful), but man is it different in terms of workflow. and physical flow. one of my favorite things about watercolors is just letting them do what they want to, letting the physics mix the pigments on the page. and that is completely out the window with digital. everything needs to be considered, measured, proscribed, executed. but i guess that’s kind of a watchword of modern times, right? — ‘let’s trade a little magic for a little convenience.’

130908_experimental-watercolorremember this girl? she just keeps showing up, huh.

137: just if ides of august________23 August, 2013

rest in peace, elmore leonard. you were a detroit giant, which sounds like a baseball team, but is in fact not. i don’t think. justified, get shorty, and jackie brown. a resume like that needs no recitation. thanks for everything!

and it ain’t quite raylan givens, but here’s the next page of spade and harrier. sorry for the excessive wait and lack of backgrounds — things are still in flux in the pipeline. fluxxy pipeline, you know.


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134: spade and harrier 1-06________19 July, 2013

hooray for comics without borders! i mean backgrounds. too many puns. good night!

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131: spade and harrier 01-05________30 June, 2013

comics! also working on a short story for a fiction writing workshop. depending on how good / bad it is and how the world appears to be in general at any given time, i may upload that too. it’s about some addicts who get obsessed with the album loveless … and also the person who edits their story. a little hard to explain, but it could be good or something, right? idunkno. anyway, here’s spade and harrier page 05:

spade and harrier 01-05

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