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147: spade and harrier 1-03 digital________26 October, 2013

the heat is on in new york city. (that is not a metaphor.) tis the season for everyone to break out their beanies and their hand-tooled boots and traipse around with elegiac, tragic expressions. although it is also the season for pumpkin-related beverages and ice-skating (almost), so let’s not be bitter. have you read tao lin? i think he’s very funny (droll, more like). i think someone decided that he is “the voice of our generation” at some point, but when i googled it, apparently that’s lena dunham now. i’m really glad huffpo and salon and time are around to keep us up-to-date on the voices of our generation! sarcasm!

anyway, lin also talks a lot about k-mart realism, which apparently ceased to be a thing that is effectively google-able at some point, if it ever was, and now there is only one definition of it available on the internet; it kind of reminds me of how i’m reading consider the lobster and it is littered with references to “lewinskian scandals” and “decoding symbols” because awww the 80s got its tail caught in the door, sorry buddy! poor lil guy.

right. free-associating a bit, sorry. here’s a page from the graphic novel, digitized, which i’m really only working on about 1/3 – 1/4 of the time now; lots of short fiction on the front burner as well as a cover illustration i hope to be able to share soon. still waffling about whether or not to post the short fiction on here — not least because it feels extremely not done (always). (not) surprise of the week? this page took forever in analog and it also took forever in digital. yay.

have a great weekend!]


or read the whole thing from the beginning…


145: spade and harrier 1-02 digital________11 October, 2013

hello, i’m paul bunyan and this is truth? hopefully, this represents a return to some degree of regularity with spade and harrier, so try and tune back often. even if every single week doesn’t bring an update to the comic, i’ll plan to bring new content to the table of some sort with that level of regularity. in the meantime, enjoy:


or read the whole thing from the beginning…


now … to work on a cover, photo retouches, etc. so much to do…

144: spade and harrier revisited________2 October, 2013

fighting off a cold and a bit fuzzy on all sides, but i’ve been itching to put up my first all-digital “real” comic book page. faster / not faster? the jury’s still out. all logic / theory tells me faster, but empiricism has not lead to clear-cut results as of yet. further study required. on the bright side, a much more complete product — color, form, shadow. lettering needs some work; i will probably redux that in the coming weeks / months. anyway, enjoy + as always, hit me with any comments / concerns.


have a nice second summer!

141: spade and harrier concept art | sim________14 September, 2013

happy (?) holy day, etc. go apologize to somebody you love! in other news, more digital input experiments / concept art. (sim buckley:)


also, did i mention that the building i’ve been working on for the past six months or so for brooklyn bridge park has gone out to bid? also that it appears that it will actually be built? images may be forthcoming at some point. (and if they’re not, you can always visit it when it’s done! august 2014, in theory.)

otherwise, lots of half-started (and in some cases finished) prose fiction (mainly flash / short, though one thing that might turn into a novella). i’m trying to steer toward short projects, just to give myself the opportunity to write a greater diversity of things. also, my entry to the mcsweeney’s column competition did not win, but i highly encourage you to go check out the lucky (/talented) winners! the internet tendency has quickly become a favorite of mine, particularly this and this.