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117: purity ring / young magic________17 January, 2013

it’s been a massive deadline and my first pseudo-nuit blanche in a long time, if not forever, so i’m rather completely incoherent. suffice it to say that these are photos from the purity ring / young magic show at webster hall, friday, 1.11.13. enjoi:

109: yea yea yea________24 August, 2012

here, a few shots from the yeasayer show at the music hall of williamsburg on wednesday, 15 august. it was a really good show, and i was positioned basically directly underneath anand wilder, who is extremely photogenic. the band seemed to be having a great time (in theory, out to promote their new album fragrant world, but in practice noodling around with obscure gameboy-esque cedar-veneered synths and impractical cowbells while three or four videographers waded through the crowd, broadcasting live to, as chris keating put it, “four people in serbia going ‘aaahhhh!’ right now”.


also, and i don’t go into this too often, but after the mass shooting in colorado some spokesman for the president or possibly one of the house leaders said something to the effect of “now is not the time to have a conversation about gun rights” (i.e. right before a presidential election). since then (one month ago), 19 people were shot in chicago over one night, 10 people were shot outside the empire state building this morning, 9 people were shot at a sikh temple in oak creek, 5 in a seattle cafe, 3 in college station, and doubtless others i’m forgetting. is it time yet?

107: akron / family goes bowling________16 July, 2012

the brooklyn bowl is a pretty great venue. it’s really large and has a few different ‘zones’ where you can enjoy a drink quietly, sit and eat, bowl, or catch a concert. that’s what i did. pics are akron/family (fronted by stagnant pools).

akron/family–what a great band–really goofy and tripped out, but just so relaxing and an amazing repoire with their audience.

105: cribs / winston / devin short________25 June, 2012

lots of things are happening and i know i’m behind, but i’m still bound to keep things brief for the moment. and no one reads this very much anyway. but the gist of this short post is that i saw the cribs (with alex winston and devin) a couple of weeks ago at santos party house. alex winston was making lots of crazy poses and climbing on top of the base drum and and like that. devin was loud and twitchy and stuff, but certainly fun and full of energy. the cribs were doing their best to channel the sex pistols with bad attitudes, tossing things on fans, and being late. but i’d be a liar if i said they weren’t great at playing music.