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156: what is up in pepsi maxland? a new comic!________8 August, 2014

hey all,

sorry it’s been seven and a half months since my last post! (a.k.a. 1.2  billion blog years.) i have just been so busy, you know? since we last spoke, i have traveled to several distant islands, approved and/or not approved a vast plethora of toilet partitions and accessories (okay, okay, there were some rebar drawings and steel shops too), written 50-70% of a wide array of stories, taken hundreds of photos that i have yet to fully edit, and other such momentous accomplishments. i am still kinda hustling pretty hard, yanno? the biggest piece of news for the nonce is that i have a new comic, titled “what is up in pepsi maxland?”, and published courtesy of the good folks at neutrons/protons! this is very exciting news because it is my very first published story, outside of university. so you should go check it out! it’s a feel-good romp.




i’m also hard at work at another story (a prose one) that i have high hopes will one day see the light of day. so keep yer eyes peeled. sometime soon, i also hope to upload photos from my recent and semi-recent travel destinations (montreal, iceland, scotland, etc). i will try to be more regular in my posts (famous last words), so hurry back (+ sorry again)!

154: liminal updates | nyc photo series________20 January, 2014

new photos up on liminal!

of these, a fave / taste:


also, some statistics:

  • the 85 richest people in the world control as much wealth as the poorest 3,550,000,000. or, to put it another way, each one of them has the wealth of 42 million of  the world’s poorest people. (link)
  • 49% of black men 23 and under in the united states have been arrested. (cf. 44% of hispanics, 38% of whites — link)
  • the US is by far the world’s most heavily armed country (link), with 250-290,000,000 guns, or just about 1 gun for every man, woman, child, and baby. of those guns, approximately 4,000,000 (1.4%) are in the hands of the us military or law enforcement (link).

146: abstracted landscapes i________20 October, 2013

just an image from a series i’ve been messing around with for awhile. the next page from the graphic novel isn’t quite ready yet (though it’s getting there); meanwhile, i’ve got about eleven different things going on at work and one private commission. i’m sure things will iron themselves down to an even half dozen sooner or later, but right now i’m all at sixes and sevens.


145: spade and harrier 1-02 digital________11 October, 2013

hello, i’m paul bunyan and this is truth? hopefully, this represents a return to some degree of regularity with spade and harrier, so try and tune back often. even if every single week doesn’t bring an update to the comic, i’ll plan to bring new content to the table of some sort with that level of regularity. in the meantime, enjoy:


or read the whole thing from the beginning…


now … to work on a cover, photo retouches, etc. so much to do…