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162: tumblr, chicken coops, comics________13 February, 2015

i wanted to call this post the GIF that keeps on GIFing, but i’m waiting to upload mah GIF and also trying to keep to more informational post titles lately. what is new? things!

  • i have a tumblr now. go check it out! it’s mostly street photography, something that i anticipate getting back into more after this bitter freaking winter has run its course. it is hard to shoot when the blood in your fingers is frozen solid. you will then be like ACK
  • i was in the NEW YERK TAHMS (a little). mainly aro was in the new york times! for its splendid chicken coop in the hamptons! here we are doing LGBT synagogues, beautiful stadiums, schools, and park facilities and da newz is all like, “hey, i heard you did a chicken coop. tell me about how lucky & spoilt those hens will be in dem cushy hamptons?” and then all the commenters become completely rage-tastic, ejaculating vitriol such as, “hey, that’s not how we gave chickens life supporting shelter and care growing up in the upper west side — i mean maine!”
  • i’m working on a new comic! it’s called MEAT. it was specifically intended for the newly-minted okey panky (zine?), but they abruptly (and prematurely) closed their submissions, so now it will have to find another home (probably). anyway, see title pg + page one embedded below. check back soon for more! till then, be well.

156: what is up in pepsi maxland? a new comic!________8 August, 2014

hey all,

sorry it’s been seven and a half months since my last post! (a.k.a. 1.2  billion blog years.) i have just been so busy, you know? since we last spoke, i have traveled to several distant islands, approved and/or not approved a vast plethora of toilet partitions and accessories (okay, okay, there were some rebar drawings and steel shops too), written 50-70% of a wide array of stories, taken hundreds of photos that i have yet to fully edit, and other such momentous accomplishments. i am still kinda hustling pretty hard, yanno? the biggest piece of news for the nonce is that i have a new comic, titled “what is up in pepsi maxland?”, and published courtesy of the good folks at neutrons/protons! this is very exciting news because it is my very first published story, outside of university. so you should go check it out! it’s a feel-good romp.




i’m also hard at work at another story (a prose one) that i have high hopes will one day see the light of day. so keep yer eyes peeled. sometime soon, i also hope to upload photos from my recent and semi-recent travel destinations (montreal, iceland, scotland, etc). i will try to be more regular in my posts (famous last words), so hurry back (+ sorry again)!

152: verobound | landscape photo series________14 December, 2013

snow day! if you look outside your window (provided your window is located in new york city), you will see one of my favorite weather patterns in action. otherwise, it’s just deadlines, deadlines, as far as the eye can see. good news pertaining to that is that there are things and those things will (probably) be built! more to come on that as it enters reality. (…construction photos?)

otherwise, gearing up for a vero trip, newly smartphonified (! / long time coming), and looking forward to eggnog and a possible field trip to montréal. must. do. christmas shopping. and find some time to write. geeeeeez.

here’s an image from the last vero trip, part of my landscapes series:

aaaand a little something else:


141: spade and harrier concept art | sim________14 September, 2013

happy (?) holy day, etc. go apologize to somebody you love! in other news, more digital input experiments / concept art. (sim buckley:)


also, did i mention that the building i’ve been working on for the past six months or so for brooklyn bridge park has gone out to bid? also that it appears that it will actually be built? images may be forthcoming at some point. (and if they’re not, you can always visit it when it’s done! august 2014, in theory.)

otherwise, lots of half-started (and in some cases finished) prose fiction (mainly flash / short, though one thing that might turn into a novella). i’m trying to steer toward short projects, just to give myself the opportunity to write a greater diversity of things. also, my entry to the mcsweeney’s column competition did not win, but i highly encourage you to go check out the lucky (/talented) winners! the internet tendency has quickly become a favorite of mine, particularly this and this.