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157: you do not understand contemporary theory________16 November, 2014




153: snowbound: fl + kennedy space center________2 January, 2014

first time in awhile i’ve seen it get down in the neighborhood of -3F in these here mid-atlantic states! and to think i was just down in sunny FL, land of orange halves and sea shells. welp, guess i gotta approve of any state what’s got somethin’ called a panhandle.

so what else? lots new to share. let’s start with some photos:

some are from the kennedy space center, which despite resembling nothing so much a space disney, cannot disguise its innate coolness. you can’t completely un-cool (warm up?) a saturn V rocket or the sixth biggest building in the world (which kind of resembles a nasa-branded borg cube) or an 8.5 million-pound mobile launch platform which drives around rockets at 1mph on giant tractor-crawler treads. worth checking out. jes sayin.

also, happy new year! probably the best thing i’ve done with a new year’s eve in quite awhile. thanks, pratt!

152: verobound | landscape photo series________14 December, 2013

snow day! if you look outside your window (provided your window is located in new york city), you will see one of my favorite weather patterns in action. otherwise, it’s just deadlines, deadlines, as far as the eye can see. good news pertaining to that is that there are things and those things will (probably) be built! more to come on that as it enters reality. (…construction photos?)

otherwise, gearing up for a vero trip, newly smartphonified (! / long time coming), and looking forward to eggnog and a possible field trip to montréal. must. do. christmas shopping. and find some time to write. geeeeeez.

here’s an image from the last vero trip, part of my landscapes series:

aaaand a little something else:


151: instagrammarian________23 November, 2013

holy smokes, smartphone incoming! (that’s what i hear, anyway.) then i can use instagram for real. but for now, there’s this (stylish ladies got cool bling):

stylish neck bling on a blue wall

turkey day is almost here! walked in on a conversation at the office that went something like:

brodude: …you can’t smoke the whole thing at once — that’s really dangerous.

dudebro: i know, i know!

brodude: if you’re not careful about how much you’re smoking at any given time it can really mess things up for you. i usually time things so that i know when to stop.

dudebro: good idea!

&tc. but they were talking about turkeys. i was so confused!