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169: the last of washington state________7 July, 2016

much belated! a few last photos of washington state, including the palouse (aka microsoftland), tipsoo lake, and the snoqualmie pass. other photos trapped in the queue included san francisco, portland, maine (& environs), and (shortly) portland, oregon. speaking of which, i have got to pack. hope y’all are wonderful! drop a line anytime.

167: up backlog creek________2 December, 2015

some photos of washington state! i am so behind on uploading photos that it ain’t even funny. on the bright side, that has meant lots of reading and writing. not so much ‘rithmetic. but that’s not in the curriculum.

these here are some shots from bainbridge island, federation forest, the gingko petrified forest, kamiak butte, and mt. rainier national park. there are a bunch of other places yet to come, but i en’t edited them yet. enjoi!

164: seattle | palouse | coulee | rainier: there & back again________10 June, 2015

hello sir, madam, or thing,

the summary of the summary of the summary is: people are a problem. okay, now i’ve gotten all my HHGTTG GATTACA ABBA BRB LOL ASDFs out, i can focus on the new and exciting things. you know what’s exciting but not at all new?

YES. the puget sound.

this and much more on future episodes of … this blog! there will be pictures of sheep. there will be pictures of mountains. there will be pictures of “cool but gritty neighborhoods” that are “played out.” there may or may not be pictures of angora rabbits. oh, and you should go check out okey panky on 6/15. because that’s when my new minicomic will be up! it’s called “MEAT.” obviously you should go there before then because they have lots of other cool people writing things like hey sharma shields or stephen dixon or yumi sakugawa, but i just thought i’d mention that.

also i am going to grad school for fiction … and getting paid to do it. these are words that i never thought would be coming out of my word-hole, but there they are! i will really really miss all the great people and things and buildings at and surrounding ARO. i’ve been hugely lucky to spend almost four years working at one of the best firms in new york city. and i don’t think this is the end for me & architecture; more like a coda — just for whatever that’s worth.

other current projects: some prose stories, possible return to certain comics endeavors, editing all mah trip photos, attempting to reenter currency in my correspondences. hope y’all are doing well!


160: mobile photos | nyc, montreal, iceland, &tc________30 December, 2014

been knocking around! more complete uploads of these locations to follow (someday), but in the meantime, some mobile photos from my travels courtesy of the ol’ GS4. mainly shot in new york city, montreal, and iceland. see if you can spot which is which! slight emphasis on graffiti and sculpture.