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photodump: marseilles, nice, monaco________10 March, 2011

photodump: modern architecture, paris________10 March, 2011

wow.  it’s been awhile since i wrote!  this is exactly what it sounds like!   i have tons of photos from several different trips.  some highlights within paris are belleville/telegraphe (most of the graffiti pics), the marais (really old buildings.  like, even old for paris), and several important pieces of architecture.  from corb we have: his own apartment at the edge of the peripherique, the villa savoye, maisons jaoul, and the (in)famous maison de verre.  we also toured perret’s eglise notre dame at raincy and the salle cortot (which is just around the corner from me and is adjoined to one of the most famous music schools in paris–the ecole normale musique de paris).  we also saw niemeyer’s communist hq, the maison de peuple (which is in fabulous disrepair), and several others that aren’t springing to mind.

we also took a four day trip outside the (figurative) walls of paris, traveling south to marseilles, nice, and monaco.  marseilles is kind of gritty and industrial, but–quite frankly–it was just really refreshing to be in a city that isn’t always wearing tons of makeup.  marseilles is also geographically spectacular, sitting in a basin surrounded by mountains.  nice is quite touristy and fun for a day or two with lots of “authentic” old markets and port architecture and a lot of old people and little kids.  it seems much richer than marseilles.  but neither one compares with monaco in that regard whatsoever (monaco has both a tesla and a maserati dealership in case you were concerned).  monaco is bizarre–it’s like a little toy town with its ultra-clean streets, its silly people in their pseudo-american clothing, and its toy police force with their funny uniforms.  also, it’s the first place i’ve been where a can of coke can cost 2.50 euro.  zip zip!  (that was the money flying out of your bank account)

there’s a myriad (which i just found out means 10,000 specifically–not some random uncountable number) of other things to say, but i think i’m going to restrain myself in favor of actually getting these photos up and on the web.  enjoi!

le coq roi________25 January, 2011

this past weekend, we took a trip to villa savoye (in poissy), maison jaoul (in neuilly), and corbusier’s own apartment (in the 16th arrondisement).  it was a fun trip–i’d been to savoye before, but not the other two.  anyway, for them is as interested, that and some more forays into the metro system of paris have yielded a fair selection of photos.

head shots / model shots________10 December, 2010

you know what looks great?  when you shrink down model photos for web display.  like these!  please enjoy consuming these images from the final model for this semester!  …i really should be writing essays.  i know.