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141: spade and harrier concept art | sim________14 September, 2013

happy (?) holy day, etc. go apologize to somebody you love! in other news, more digital input experiments / concept art. (sim buckley:)


also, did i mention that the building i’ve been working on for the past six months or so for brooklyn bridge park has gone out to bid? also that it appears that it will actually be built? images may be forthcoming at some point. (and if they’re not, you can always visit it when it’s done! august 2014, in theory.)

otherwise, lots of half-started (and in some cases finished) prose fiction (mainly flash / short, though one thing that might turn into a novella). i’m trying to steer toward short projects, just to give myself the opportunity to write a greater diversity of things. also, my entry to the mcsweeney’s column competition did not win, but i highly encourage you to go check out the lucky (/talented) winners! the internet tendency has quickly become a favorite of mine, particularly this and this.