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123: generationals________29 April, 2013


don’t wanna brag, but i got to see generationals the other night! it was a fun concert (i ostensibly went to see splashh, who are sort of a sonic youth remix outfit of what appear to be eleven-year-old britons). they jam pretty nice too, although i can’t say i entirely care for the sonic youth style of singing (i’m being liberal with the term). what else is new? well, a bunch of things!

i’m acting as lead designer on a cool new edifice at brooklyn bridge park (more to come about that, esp. when / if it enters construction). that’s extremely interesting and i’m oh-so-grateful to ARO for getting me to work on the nuts and bolts of real, live (well) architecture! it’s cool because i’m spending my days exploring (and measuring) spooky, dank old buildings filled with mysterious, flooded machinery, as well as reading code literature, drawing wall sections, and talking with engineers. it’s like a dream!

also, and perhaps you’ll be more excited about this, i’ve decided to begin posting pages of the new graphic novel as i finish with them in a likely fruitless effort to building up some sort of following in advance of embarking on the great and onerous publisher search. i have to scan what i’ve done so far and do some photoshopping, but then you can look forward to more or less weekly installments of a new graphic novel! keep your eyes peeled. or open, anyway.

let the record show that my (normal) mouse batteries are dying. tanks.