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102: go curate________16 May, 2012

and now, because real-live human event happenings are saying these things in my real, live human life … contexts in which the word “curate” should never be used:

  • conversation (“how can we curate a conversation that addresses that dialectic in practice?”)
  • publications (“journal / magazine / quarterly curated by…” no, no, wait! there’s a word for it. it starts with an “e”. edible? edict? huh.)
  • social media (q: “aren’t we kind of curating an identity through facebook?”) (a: no.)
  • any extension of your person (“i’d like to, but i need to curate my fingernails.”)
  • …or clothing (in fact, any aspect of your personal appearance is off limits. sorry.)
  • other stuff (just … if you’re not sure, use another word. preeze?)

i have a bunch of photos to put up, but clearly i’d rather be complaining about weird, faux-intellectual bastardizations of english.  no, but really, i’ll put them up soon.