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archieve: about

archieve was a print comic that ran in the rice thresher for about three years before i put it on indefinite hold in the interest of pursuing semeurge with greater focus.  i think my editors were a bit relieved.  in the course of its several years in print, archieve went down some pretty strange and abstruse roads–not always returning in an orderly or timely fashion. i had attempted, for a time, to make the strip follow a week-to-week arc; it was a proposition very unpopular with the thresher staff (they wanted an unstructured joke-a-week).  while i did acquiesce, the comic eventually came to feel more like a chore than an enjoyment and (as i wasn’t invested in it long-term as i was with the graphic novel) i simply let it go as gracefully as possible.

ostensibly, the comic followed the exploits of jake–a chain-smoking, rather stupid architecture major–as he blundered and stumbled his way through college.  his best best friend kim, a bespectacled engineer possessed of far better sense, was often there to reign him in.  also occasionally present was isabel; a mutual friend of the two possessed of … fiery disposition (sometimes to the point of violence).