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black_ink: about

black_ink: the expired photocomic, was/is an on-again, off-again project which i initiated for personal enjoyment and edification in 2007.  the first comic that became part of the series was actually produced much earlier; almost by accident (“sometimes i think that you’ve gone away”).  originally, black_ink was an undirected narrative that focused more on visual/poetic explorations of repeating themes such as loss, loneliness, unrequited love, catharsis, and family.  eventually, though, it progressed into a directed story arc of which each image was a piece.  collages were assembled through public domain and creative commons licensed content (flickr, NOAA, NYPL, and stock.xchng to name but a few).  it was based loosely on the life of the imaginary daughter of a real life historical figure in immediately premodern japan: inoue kaoru.  i may yet pick it back up . . .